Picture this: after a crazy morning running around getting the kids ready, you’ve arrived at work and suddenly think, ‘Did I actually lock the front door this morning?’ 

But rather than spending the day riddled with anxiety, installing a smart lock allows you to lock your door and secure your home by simply opening an app on your smartphone and handling the rest from there. 

At Emergency Locksmith Brisbane, that could be your reality if you decide to invest in our smart locks. We take security seriously, and we’re committed to keeping you, your family and your property safe. With over a decade of experience, our team of emergency locksmiths know how to transform your home’s security system so you can feel protected at all times. When you install a smart lock, you can trust you’re investing in a premium system that is fully equipped with the latest technology. 

The benefits of a smart lock installation  

  • Better accessibility without compromising security — Since our smart lock systems are operated through your mobile device, you have quick and easy access to your home, with the ability to let others inside even when you’re out. You can even operate the smart lock if you’re travelling overseas. 
  • Lockout emergencies become a thing of the past —  We’ve all misplaced our keys at one point or another, or at least spent far too long searching for them. When you install a smart lock, you’ll have constant access to your home security and a fail-safe backup option if you happen to lose your master set of keys. You’ll never have to change your locks again! 
  • You can provide access to others when you’re not home — If you have guests staying at your home, installing a smart lock will allow you to send them an eKey via your iPhone or Android app. They can let themselves in whenever they arrive.
  • Improves connectivity — Smart keyless locks turn a regular home into a smart home. You can integrate your security systems to be installed on your mobile so you can monitor any suspicious activity and take immediate action if need be. 


How much does it cost to install a smart lock with Emergency Locksmith Brisbane?

We pride ourselves on offering affordable and easy-to-use equipment that will keep your family and your home safe. Whether you select a handle lock or a deadbolt, our smart locks come at an affordable $390 each. When you consider the value of the possessions in your home, this is a small price to pay. If you would like to talk to us about a quote to install smart locks in your home, please get in contact with our team. 

What is the difference between smart locks and digital locks? 

For digital locks to work, they require a physical interaction or proximity with the key. Smart locks, on the other hand, can be accessed through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other wireless mobile communication technologies. This means you can unlock your front door and grant people access to your home by simply opening an app on your mobile. 

Is it hard to install a smart lock?

Emergency Locksmiths Brisbane has the necessary knowledge and expertise that smart lock installation in Australia requires. With a decade of industry experience behind us and a reputation built on trust, reliability and affordability, we can install your smart lock, download your instructions and run you through the process.

How can I contact Emergency Locksmith Brisbane about smart lock installations or other locksmith services? 

Our team of trusted and licensed locksmiths are here to take care of you. If you would like to talk to us about a quote to install smart locks in your home, please get in contact with our team. Call us on 0404 532 049 or email us at info@tapsy.com.au