As a safe place for expensive equipment and private data, your office needs to be kept secure to protect it from thieves and security breaches. Providing more than 1000 small and medium-sized businesses with the right locks and security monitoring systems, we are the go-to commercial locksmiths in Brisbane. 

An end-to-end commercial locksmith service

With more than 10 years of experience, Emergency Locksmith Brisbane provides 24-hour locksmith services in order to keep our customers' homes and businesses safe and sound. By completing a full audit of your workplace, we are able to identify all potential loopholes in your security system that you may have missed and then fix them — saving you from potential robberies and the loss of valuable inventory or stock from your premises.

No matter the time of day or location of your business, we are available after-hours and  24 hours a day to find security threats and provide commercial locksmith services as well as repair and replace existing damaged locks. 

Commercial door lock replacement and repair services

If you have been an unfortunate target of a robbery or there has been a robbery attempt at your office, your door locks might have been tampered with or damaged. At Emergency Locksmith, we also provide commercial door lock repair and replacement services so you can get your inventory and equipment safe as soon as possible. 

Best commercial locksmiths in Brisbane

For a full security audit, lock installation, repair or replacements, Emergency Locksmith Brisbane is the place to call. We are available to help you out at any time of the day, 7 days a week. Contact us today for a free quote or call us on 0404 532 049.


What does a commercial locksmith do?

From assessing your current lock and security situation to installing specific locks and security systems, commercial locksmith services are essential for keeping workplaces and their contents safe and secure. 

How does a commercial locksmith differ from a normal locksmith?

While normal locksmiths provide lock installation, repair and replacement services for residential properties, commercial locksmiths have expertise in providing these services for offices and workplaces such as warehouses and factories. 

How much does Emergency Locksmith charge for commercial locksmith services?

Our prices vary depending on the nature of the job but are highly competitive. From our commercial door lock replacement service to full security audits and many other services, our rates are the best you will find in Brisbane. 

What type of commercial locksmith services does Emergency Locksmith provide? 

With more than two decades of experience, we offer a variety of locksmith services in Brisbane — from house lockouts to automotive locksmith services, 24 hour, residential, mobile locksmith services and a variety of lock installation services, Brisbane Emergency Locksmiths covers it all.