At Tapsy, we offer an award-winning locksmith service all across Brisbane. Our customer reviews showcase our work and services. With over 10 years of experience working as locksmith professionals, our expert staff is more than capable of working with most if not all types of locks out there. When you are in an emergency or are locked outside your car, our specialist service will help you get access to your car again in no time.ย 


Emergency Automatic Locksmiths Service

With the help from our modern tools, our professional locksmiths can open any type of lock without harming the lock itself. Furthermore, our key machines will replace your old ones hassle-free. We offer 24/7 car key replacement services as we understand our customers dire needs and within a few hours, we will provide you with new keys at any time of the day. If your door lock is experiencing any issues, our service team will take care of that as well.


Duplication of Car Keys

All our keys are manufactured in accordance to the highest quality standards so that our customers can save on time and money in not having to go elsewhere. We guarantee the durability and security of all duplicate keys giving you peace of mind. All new keys will have the same functionality as old car keys. If you find yourself losing your car key on more than one occasion, our team will deliver spare keys to you in no time and save you the inconvenience of not having to call anyone after youโ€™re locked out.